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    Playing the electric bass from traditional to contemporary jazz

    VOLUME 1

    Techniques and basic concepts for comping

  • JAZZ ELECTRIC BASS by Alex Carreri

    intended for the use of teachers and students of Music Conservatories and Musical Institutes

    Preliminary remarks and indications for using the method

    The electric bass first appeared on the international music scene in the early 1950s, and for almost twenty years, it maintained a marginal role in the jazz world, when compared to the double bass. With the arrival on the scene of bassists such as Steve Swallow, Jaco Pastorius, Stanley Clarke, Bob Cranshaw, Anthony Jackson, and several others, the electric bass started becoming more and more relevant in the groups and recordings of Miles Davis, Sonny Rollins, Gary Burton, Herbie Hancock, and a lot of other prominent figures in the jazz community. This method, through several examples and exercises, and a series of technical and expressive elements strictly connected to the electric bass, aims to aid beginning, intermediate or advanced bass players to improve or perfect their knowledge of the jazz language.


    Book contents:

    • Basic techniques to create bass lines

    • Technique exercises to develop rhythmic skills and musical expression

    • Examples with variations on different types of intervals, scales and arpeggios

    • II/V/I progressions, turnarounds and harmonic substitutions

    • Blues and Rhythm Changes

    • Historical background on the use of the electric bass in jazz

    • Selected discography and instrumentation suggestions

    Foreword and credits

    "This book is one of the first examples of its kind, in the realm of electric bass pedagogy focused purely in a jazz context, and it stands as an essential contribution to this nascent educational segment that is still lacking some really noteworthy publications. This excellent opus is a source of great inspiration for me, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to all the bassists around the world, who are interested in refining their conceptual and performing skills within a jazz setting."

    Marco Panascìa

    New York, August 22nd, 2018



    "Alex is a great musician, and he has conceived and developed an amazing book dedicated to the Electric Bass in Jazz.
    I have always been fond of music pedagogy, and Alex's book is a very clear step-by-step guide, for whoever wants to delve into the world of Jazz, and acquire all the theoretical, technical and historical information about this genre, in a concise and complete way.
    The audio tracks are top-notch, and they make this book even more valuable, inviting, and fun!
    I will definitely be using it, for myself and my students."

    Lorenzo Poli

    Jazz Electric Bass Teacher
    at the Como Conservatory of Music


    “I have known Alex for several years, and I am thrilled to discover that the former young bassist I had originally a long time ago, has embarked on a professional music career path, and has now become an excellent teacher, through his passion, curiosity, dedication, and hundreds of prestigious collaborations. Through this new method book, he shares his knowledge and passion in a complete and clear way, suitable for all levels. I highly recommend this book to all bass players (especially myself!), and not only to jazz-inclined musicians.”

    Paolo Costa

    Pop-Rock Electric Bass Teacher
    at the Milan Conservatory of Music

  • Alex Carreri

    A conservatory graduate in Classical Double Bass, Jazz Music and Music Education, Alex Carreri has performed with: Eric Marienthal, Fabrizio Bosso, Javier Girotto, Rob Sudduth, Scott Hamilton, Giovanni Falzone, Bebo Ferra, Paolo Di Sabatino, Nicola Angelucci, Alessio Menconi.

    He has played in several jazz clubs and festivals: Blue Note – Milano [IT], Yorckschlosschen Jazz Club – Berlin [DE], Free Blues Club – Szczecin [PL], Crown Towers – Melbourne [AU], Alexander Platz – Roma [IT], Pinocchio Jazz Club – Firenze [IT], Muziek Cafè – Amsterdam [NL], Eddie Lang Jazz Fest – Monteroduni [IT], Jazz Ascona Festival [CH , March Manouche Festival [UK], La Brasserie di Monaco [MC], Festival del Cinema di Locarno [CH].

    He has collaborated with several artists in the pop world, such as: Enrico Ruggeri, Andrea Mirò, Ronn Moss (lead singer for the US band “Player”, and also known internationally as an actor, in the role of Ridge on the popular soap opera “The Bold and the Beautiful”), Simona Bencini (Dirotta su Cuba), Silvia Mezzanotte, Iva Zanicchi, Gianni Togni.

    As a leader, he has released two albums: “Chemical Blend” (Videoradio/Rai Trade, 2006) and “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing” (Ultrasound Records, 2012). He has also participated in numerous recordings, such as: “2nd Street” by Groovin’ Action, with Mattia Cigalini e Gianluca Di Ienno (Music Center, 2009); Bologna Skyline by Andrea Ferrario and Michele Francesconi (Alfamusic, 2015); “Stand By Me” by Larry Ray (Azzurra Music, 2004); “Andrea” (2005), “A fior di pelle” (2007), “La Fenice” (2009) and “Elettra e Calliope” (2012) by Andrea Mirò (Anyway); “Swing & Roll” by Sugarpie & The Candymen (Irma Records, 2011); “Crossover” by Luca Meneghello and Michele Fazio (Abeat Records, 2021).

    He is currently teaching Electric Bass and Double Bass at the Bassline Academy in Milan, and the Milestone School of Music in Piacenza. He has been featured as a bass and music products clinician at various music conservatories, cultural associations and music events, such as: Conservatori di Musica in Ferrara and Piacenza, CPM Music Institute in Milan, L’Accademia Centro Musicale in Parma, Second Hand Guitar in Milan, DISMA Music Italy Show in Bologna.

    He is the author of the method books “Jazz Electric Bass – Volume 1 and 2” (Isuku Verlag Editions, 2018-2021, distributed by Volontè & Co.). He has coauthored, with Luca Dell’Anna and Maxx Furian, the playalong method called “Jammin’ on Contemporary Jazz Tunes”, volumes 1, 2, 3, for electric bass, piano, keyboards and drums (Colbert Editions, 2018). Since 2019, he has been writing educational material for the electric bass on “Guitar Club”, one of the leading music magazines in Italy.